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Add comfort and style to your next glamping adventure

Add comfort and style to your next glamping adventure

Are you ready to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace the great outdoors?

Glamping is the perfect blend of comfort and camping. One of the joys of glamping is creating a cosy and inviting home away from home, surrounded by the beauty of nature. See a few of my essentials here:


Enamelware: Hardwearing, colourful splashes to your outdoor feast

No glamping trip is complete without a delectable outdoor feast, and the choice of dinnerware can make all the difference. Enamelware, with its vintage simplicity, vibrant accents and durable construction, is an ideal choice for your glamping culinary adventures.

Imagine sitting under the stars, sipping warm tea from a cheerful yellow mug, or enjoying a hearty breakfast from a bold red plate. Enamelware not only adds a pop of colour to your outdoor dining but also brings a touch of nostalgia, harking back to classic camping trips.

The versatility of enamelware can't be overstated. Lightweight, easy to clean with a sturdy construction, enamel plates, bowls and mugs can withstand the rigours of outdoor life while adding a touch of style to your glamping setup.

Shop enamelware

Yellow and white enamelware

Red and white enamelware

Navy and white enamelware

Enamel tumblers

White enamel tray with handlers

Quilts wrapping you in warmth and comfort

While the allure of glamping lies in its connection to nature, it's essential to have a cosy sanctuary to retreat to after a day of adventure. Quilts, with their warmth and texture, play a crucial role in creating a comfortable sleeping space that bridges the gap between outdoor exploration and indoor luxury.

Imagine curling up in a snug quilt as you listen to the rustling leaves and gentle nighttime sounds. Not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, our quilts will a touch of rustic charm to your glamping set-up.

Shop quilts

Honey striped quilt

Grey striped cotton quilt

Cream and natural throw

Sustainable cleaning products that don’t impact surrounding nature

When it comes to glamping, the key is to create an environment that seamlessly integrates with nature while providing the comfort you crave. That’s why you need to make sure your cleaning kit doesn’t impact the surrounding wildlife. Our washing up and sustainable cleaning bundles have everything you need to keep your kitchen set-up spotless and the multi-purpose products mean you can use the soap for your showers and even laundry.

Shop sustainable cleaning

Plastic free washing up bundle

Eco cleaning starter kit

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