I really am called Lisa Valentine, and it took me ages to come up with a name for my business until a friend suggested maybe I should just use my name!

I live in Cardiff with my husband and our 2 young daughters Nansi and Annie. Lisa Valentine Home was born from a lifelong love of interiors and renovating old houses. Even as a teenager  I would constantly rearrange my room or redecorate ..my room went from 1980s red and white to terracotta safari to lemon and blue Laura Ashley and patchwork in a matter of years. As an adult I've renovated many properties and I'm never happier than when I have a paintbrush in my hand. 



Nowadays, and after many years of shopping and buying far too much for our home I've realised that its far easier and lovelier to live only with the things you truly love or constantly use, ideally both. So the products we sell are those which have proved to be both beautiful and practical.. almost everything on our website is used in our own home everyday .

We have dustpans and brushes which will help you clean but are pretty enough not to hide away. Pans and dishes to prepare and serve delicious meals, vases to display fresh flowers and candles scent your home. Basically, everything you need for a simple yet beautiful home. 

As William Morris said, have nothing in your home unless you know it to be useful or beautiful . We believe it can be both and we hope you love our products as much as we do.