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7 easy ideas for an eco-friendly home  -  simple (and stylish) tips

7 easy ideas for an eco-friendly home - simple (and stylish) tips

As you know by now, my aim at Lisa Valentine Home is to help you create a home which will make your life easier, more stylish and more sustainable. Here are some simple tips to get you started and my favourite products.

Get your milk delivered by your local milkman

Milk doorstep deliveries have been in steady decline over the past 20 years. Back in 1975, 94% UK milk was delivered in glass bottles, but by 2016 that had decreased to just 3%. But it seems that things are changing, with dairies reporting a surge in enquiries in recent months. This is one area where you can instantly cut down your plastic use and support a small business too. This website provides details of all the milk deliveries in your area and you can then ask them if they deliver in glass bottles. I know the issue of glass bottles vs plastic isn’t as straightforward as it first sounds but surely if it helps reduce our plastic consumption it's got to be a step in the right direction.

Plus, imagine collecting your milk from the front door in this cute milk bottle holder for £20.

Use butter instead of spreads in plastic tubs

Buying butter rather than spreads lowers your carbon footprint. In production, spreads have a higher carbon footprint than butter. A factor of this is due to the packaging that spreads use. So improve your carbon footprint and store your butter in one of our charcoal and beech butter dishes for a more eco-friendly, stylish look.

Ditch the plastic washing up brushes and sponges

Our wooden washing up brushes are so much better for the environment, and don’t they look better too? We even sell replacement heads - and the whole brush and handle can be recycled.

We also offer 100% plastic free EcoCoconut fibre products, these include our Safix scrubbing pads, coconut cleaning brushes and scourers. Being totally naturally-made of coconut hair and bonded with a non-toxic adhesive that’s naturally antibacterial, all our EcoCoconut products are free from toxic chemicals, recyclable and biodegradable. They’re also non-scratch, so are suitable for non-stick frying pan, great on hard surfaces like the cooker hob or stove top, and safe for enamel sinks and baths.  A great and useful addition into your home.

Sturdy wood and metal dustpan and brushes

The metal pan can be used all over the house, as a coal or wood fire shovel or for everyday household sweeping. The bristles are also natural coconut fibre and the handle is made of wood, a design classic (and I've always had a thing for galvanised steel) - our dustpans and brushes will last a lifetime.  

Upgrade your plastic toilet brush and holder

One room which people may overlook in their battle against plastic is the bathroom. For example, constantly replacing your plastic toilet brush and holder with the same non-recyclable make isn't very eco-friendly but you can replace it with either a gorgeous steel holder and beech brush or an enamel toilet brush holder and wooden brush. Both are much more picturesque and we sell replacement brushes too for when you need a new one!

Choose vintage ceramics

Did you know that ceramics cannot be recycled? Meaning any ceramic purchase you make will be able to last you a lifetime. If you're looking for new ceramics, why not consider vintage options instead of newer ceramics? Look for things such as vintage marmalade pots which are just as aesthetically pleasing as anything new. 

Start composting

Composting is a classic but useful way to keep make your waste more eco-friendly. In fact composting dates back to around 2350 BC, when the first record of people would compost waste to add to their crops to improve fertilisation. However the more common indoor method has been around since between 1905 and 1934. So if you already are or you’re about to start your composting journey, look no further than our food waste compost bin made from recycled bamboo.

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