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Embrace the cosiness of shorter days as clocks go back

Embrace the cosiness of shorter days as clocks go back

As the clocks go backwards and the colder chill settles in, it's natural to feel like we're losing precious time outside. The shorter days and darkness can easily consume us. But here at Lisa Valentine Home, we want to help you stay bright and positive, even in the face of winter. So, here are some simple ways to make these shorter, darker days feel bright and fulfilling.

Slow down and indulge in your favourite hobbies

During the summer and autumn seasons, we often find ourselves venturing outdoors and leaving behind our cosy nooks. But now is the perfect time to nestle back into your comfort zone. Grab a hot drink, settle into your favourite spot with a warm quilt, and get lost in a new book or catch up on a tv shows. And remember, these adventures are even better when shared with loved ones. I love watching Strictly Come Dancing with the family every winter season.

Discover the joy of cooking

Did you know that food has the power to boost our happiness? Take advantage of this time indoors by baking delicious recipes or treating yourself to indulgent meals. Whether it's a comforting cottage pie cooked in one of our enamel dishes or a sweet apple pie, there's no better way to savour the best things in life.

Hold onto the flavours of autumn

While winter may be just around the corner, we can still relish in the delightful tastes of autumn. Wrap up warm and head to your local cafe for their seasonal special, whether that's a spiced latte or caramel hot chocolate. Don't forget about the delicious seasonal treats like pumpkin and pecan pies or a comforting butternut squash soup. These flavours are sure to lift your spirits and keep the essence of autumn alive.

Don't shy away from the great outdoors

Yes, the weather may be colder and the sunlight may be scarce, but that doesn't mean you need to stay cooped up indoors. Bundle up in your warmest outfits and venture outside to take advantage of the weekend daylight if you find you're missing out during the work day. There are lots of outdoor events going on this season, from bonfire nights, craft fairs, light trails or pumpkin picking, just have a quick Google of events in your area and shortlist some to look forward to. So grab your loved ones and enjoy the outdoors.

Embrace the Swedish tradition of "Mys"

Experience the magic of the winter solstice with the Swedish tradition of "Mys," which simply means cosiness. This celebration involves indulging in warming mulled wine and delicious comfort dishes. But it's more than just food and drinks, "Mys" is a way of life and about finding joy and cosiness in everyday moments at home.

Fill your home with the scents of your favourite candles and let the flickering flames bring a smile to your face. And don't forget that cosiness is unique to you. It can be spending the day in a dressing gown with endless cups of hot drinks or exploring local parks with loved ones. Embrace your own version of "Mys" and fill your life with all the things that bring you comfort.

So, step into the beauty of the season, slow down, indulge in comforting activities, and embrace the cosiness of these shorter days. Your journey to a warm and fulfilling winter starts now. Scroll down for a few products to help make your home cosy.

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