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How a dustpan and brush started my business

How a dustpan and brush started my business

Just before lock down last March (which seems like an age away now!) I spoke to a lovely group of women at an event about how and why I started Lisa Valentine Home. So I thought I'd share the story of the first product I ever stocked my long handled dustpan and brush as it basically sums up my entire reason for choosing products.

When my children were younger and I was constantly getting out the hoover to clean up, I spotted a long handled dustpan and brush at a friend's house. It was a revelation - I could sweep up quickly, usually many times a day especially after meals, without dragging out the hoover.

So I bought a cheap plastic version, and after a few weeks it warped and wouldn't collect the stuff I'd swept up. So I bought another one, and the same thing happened.

While I loved how easy it was to use, I couldn't face buying another plastic one for it to inevitably warp, so rather than keep buying cheap versions, I invested in a metal and beech version and many years later I still use it several times a day.

So when I started my shop, nearly 6 years ago, this dustpan & brush was the first product I stocked because I found it so useful, and I thought it could be so useful for anyone who liked things which,

- save time
- save effort
- are made to last
- look good and won't need to be hidden / out away
- do the job well
- are made of metal and wood

I can't tell you how much I love this dustpan and brush (can you tell?!) and I still use it many times a day and it stands in my kitchen looking good!

I get so much lovely feedback from customers who have bought this long handled dustpan and brush and I've just restocked so if you'd like to see how much easier this makes cleaning up, buy yours here.

Lisa xx
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