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Meet The Brand: Garden Trading

Meet The Brand: Garden Trading

The story of Garden Trading and Lisa Valentine Home is so intertwined.

I started my business following the pursuit of finding the ultimate dustpan and brush. Plastic ones would warp or fall apart after a few weeks which led me to find a metal and wood one which could stand the test of time and frequent use.

I happened upon the long handled dustpan and brush from Garden Trading and that was the beginning of something truly special. I shared the brilliant find with others and as I began to try and test more useful and beautiful products, Lisa Valentine Home was born.

As Garden Trading sparked the inception of Lisa Valentine Home, it only makes sense to introduce the brand properly and share why Garden Trading is a firm favourite in our collections.

Why we love Garden Trading

From their trusty dustpan and brushes to marble coasters, Garden Trading design with everyday living in mind. Each product is part of a cohesive collection and is a practical, pretty and uncluttered addition to any home. As you might be able to guess from the brand name, Garden Trading began as a garden-focused business in 1994. After massive success working with some of the world’s leading retailers, its founder decided to extend the collection indoors and today it has over 1500 lines in their collection.

Taking inspiration from the British countryside, where the company is still based, and city lifestyle trends, their simple, rustic and stylish products are created using innovative and highly-skilled artisans so each piece is built to last.

Our Bestselling Products From Garden Trading

Without a doubt, the dustpan and brushes will remain a treasured love in our collection. Beyond the long handled version that started it all, the workshop dustpan and brush is also a customer favourite.

However we love their kitchen pieces and the salt and pepper marble and granite pots and brass wire cake rack are regular bestsellers. To show just how beautiful their pieces look, check out some photos below of how our customers have styled their Garden Trading pieces in their own homes.

Left: our pretty wire cake rack and delicious bake shared by @fortheflavour 

Right: workshop dustpan and brush beautifully displayed and captured by @_kirsty_loves_ 

Discover more beautiful and practical products from Garden Trading in our collection here.


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