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Six tips to transform your bathroom

Six tips to transform your bathroom

There’s nothing quite like getting home from a busy day and soaking in the bath or lingering in the shower. But if your bathroom is more blah than spa, it won’t be a space you fancy spending much time in. It’s easy to turn this around, however. Check out my top six tips for transforming your bathroom into your own personal oasis.

Clear the clutter
Bathrooms are a haven for out-of-date products that get shoved to the back of the cupboard. Take the time to have a good clear-out and you might be surprised at how much you get rid of. Clearing existing storage space of odds and ends, and utilising it for your everyday products, will clear your surfaces and enhance that sense of calm. 

Shelve it
If your bathroom is small, shelves will be your best friendA few tiers of open-shelving on your walls, or a storage ladder, bedecked with storage baskets, a plump pile of towels, candles and a handful of decorative accessories, will transform your space.

Warm it up
A cold bathroom (both in temperature and light) can make you feel like your in walk-in fridge, so make sure you crank up the heat, install a heated towel rail if you can, and warm up your lighting through the use of warmer-hued light bulbs and candles when you’re in the tub. The addition of lighting dimmers mean you can set the ambience according to your mood. 

Upgrade your towels
If you lack storage in your bathroom, chances are, your towels are always visible. Worn or faded towels can bring the look down so investing in a set of beautiful new towels will elevate your overall look and will give you a boost too when you use them.


Unify your accessories
Choose matching or complementary bathroom accessories to create a considered, unified aesthetic and enhance that sense of calm. Our enamel toothbrush holder, soap dish and toilet brush holder mix and match with each other perfectly. 

Add plants
Plants have the power to change the feel and light within a room, softening the space. For a spa-like experience, add some greenery. Ferns, cacti, spider plants or a hanging plant that doesn’t mind low-light conditions will thrive in a bathroom environment. 


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