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Tips for decorating this Christmas with a minimalist mindset

Tips for decorating this Christmas with a minimalist mindset

Everything here at Lisa Valentine Home is about minimalist, quality and pretty homewares, and this holds true even throughout our Christmas collection. Decorations for the festive season are temporary but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality and feel like you need to decorate with new ornaments each and every year.

I love finding Christmas decorations which are timeless in design and of fantastic quality. That way I can be confident that each piece when put away safely, can be brought out again year after year to become cherished staples in the home at Christmas. See below a few tips to help you focus on making your Christmas decor more minimalist and sustainable.

Opt for glass decorations if you can

We love glass baubles! They glint and sparkle in the Christmas lights without the need for lots of glitter which can be messy and not to mention, not very sustainable! When put away safely, these ornaments can be brought out year after year as cherished decor to hang on your tree.

Set of 3 antique smoke baubles - £18.00
Set of 4 antique copper baubles - £22.50
Glass tree decorations (4 for 3) - £4.50 each

Hang up garlands

We love wire garlands are they’re easy to put up and wind around banisters to add that extra touch of magic to the home without the need for lots of twinkling lights. Especially if you’re concerned about having lots of lights up in the home over the Christmas, garlands are a beautiful and understated alternative.

Gold star garland - £19.50
Gold leaf garland - £21.00
Gold bell garland - £19.95

Find your perfect tree topper

A tree topper should feel like a heirloom piece on the tree and finding a pretty one that isn’t too ornate can be a tricky art! We have three tree toppers in our collection, one which is a cotton paper star which hails to the Scandi festive styling with their love of paper stars. When carefully stowed away, quality paper stars last well year after year.

Secondly we’ve got two toppers in a simpler wire design and glass with a brass finish which complement the hues of evergreen trees perfectly.

Paper tree topper - £12.00
Brass wire tree topper - £22.50
Glass tree topper - £30.00

Decorate with natural hues and accent with a new colour if you want to change it up each Christmas

You’ll notice that much of our collection focuses on lots gold, copper, brass and white hues.  These colours bring in that warmth from nature in winter which we love with the festive season but also work with any colour palette. Whether you like to choose a different colour for accent pieces each year or have a growing collection of random baubles you adore, these hues hold down the essence of a minimalist Christmas theme and keep it singing!

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