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What I’ve worn (constantly) on holiday  - packing for 2 weeks with hand luggage only

What I’ve worn (constantly) on holiday - packing for 2 weeks with hand luggage only

 We only ever take hand luggage on holiday, and even for  a 2 week holiday in the sun you really do wear far less than you think you will. Even with hand luggage Ive still brought things I haven't worn, so I wanted to share with you those pieces I've worn constantly. Bring a tube of travel wash to freshen things up between wears. 


My tips for travel

Wear your heaviest items to travel (layers are essentiall) 

I wore a vest, linen cullottes and a kimono with my birkesnstocks  

You really only need swimwear, a dress you can throw over which you can also wear to a bar once you leave the beach . Travel wash is an essential especially if you're bringing fewer clothes.

Comfy sandals are also an essential if you’re  walking anywhere, including walking home from dinner   (j never bother  with heels on holiday) We tend to prefer more relaxed places where you don't have to dress up too much, though me and my girls like to change into a dress in the evenings . i've worn my Saltwaters for years but this year brought my Birkenstocks. I also bring, 

  • Flip flops 
  • a short dress or 2 you can throw over your swimsuit and also wear out for dinner
  • a longer floaty dress or 2 for day or evening
  • shorts and vest 
  • I also take my Hammam towel which I’ve been known to use as a pashmina on the plane or if the evening gets chilly as well as a beach towel -its just so handy. 
  • Some flat sandals if you want to change things up a bit - I brought these but wore them only once 

I take a couple of pairs of favourite earrings and a necklace just to dress up a bit in the evenings. If you choose a colour pallette for your clothes where everything matches that's even easier. 

Here's my list of the things I've worn pretty much constantly this holiday

1.  Kimono £38 Next  I wore this to travel, I've used it as a beach cover up and for evenings over a plain dress. 

2. Mid length dress H&M * ( the light beige is sold out but the black is on sale for £6) *

 3. Bikini (part of set of 2 tops one black and one red, currently in the sale) Set of bottoms also in the sale

4. Hat H&M £9.99 *

5. Black cotton sundress  H&M * I also have  this in a green print which I bought in store. It’s perfect for throwing on over your swimsuit, and as I like to say it’s great for the beach to the bar! 


6. Sunglasses & Other Stories (*this colour is sold out but there are other fab colours in the sale for just £8) 


7. H&M linen shorts.. *I bring 2 pairs with me I’ve bought over the last few years. in this style 


8. Vest top H&M *these cool loose tops are perfect for the day and can also be dressed up for the evening  


 9. Birkenstocks sandals * i have the single strap version which are very old but ll be buying these for next year. I love the pale colour . We've done alot of walking this holiday (we're staying on a steep hill, and we've also clambered down to a few beaches), and these sandals have been perfect, as well as looking good in the evenings.


10. Classic Havaiana flip flops Next * you can't go on holiday without flip flops!


* these items are affiliate links which means anything you buy would give me a few pennies (literally!) in commission. Please be assured this doesn't cost you anything extra, and I only ever recommend things I have myself or I genuinely really like. 

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