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5 ways to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly

5 ways to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly

We all know that the average laundry routine uses a lot of water, electricity and chemicals. When you add up all of your laundry days in a year, it's pretty taxing on the planet. Instead of feeling silently guilty about it, it's actually really easy to change those wash day habits for ones that are more sustainable and, dare I say it, fun! Here are my 5 tips to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly.


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Go longer between washes
Obviously we're not talking about your smalls here or your sweaty gym clothes, but things like jeans, jumpers and tops can generally be worn a few times before they get thrown into the wash. If you need to, spritz clothes in between washes with an eco-friendly fabric mist, or air them outside for a little while. And when it comes to doing a pile of laundry, wash a full load rather than a half. 


Lower your wash temperature
If it's not too dirty, wash it at 30! During a cycle, washing machines use most of their energy heating up the water, so if you usually wash at 40 degrees, try turning it down to 30 or even putting it on a cold wash, depending on your fabrics. Washing at lower temperatures also preserves fabrics better and prevents fading. It's a win-win! 


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Make the shift to eco-friendly detergents

There are lots of brilliant eco-friendly washing brands out there now that are competitive in price and deliver beautiful, pristine results. Many offer helpful online plans so you can get it delivered to your door - no more lugging bulky boxes around while you're shopping - plus you can edit your plan to scale your deliveries up or down whenever you need. The same goes for stain removers - there are brilliant eco versions available now. I love our organic all-purpose cleaning soap. It works a treat on all kinds of stains, as a general household cleaner and it lasts ages. It always goes in the suitcase with us on holiday because it's so versatile. 


Hand wash a little and often
It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but you save an incredible amount of water by hand washing. Make it easy and enjoyable - do small washes of underwear or delicates. If you set aside a little quiet time for it, this simple act can be wonderfully therapeutic. 

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Air dry as much as possible
After the fridge and washing machine, the dryer is the most energy-sucking appliance in your home. Reduce your electricity bills and take better care of your clothes by air drying. The warmer months make this so much easier when you can hang laundry outdoors - and it always smells wonderful when it's air dried outside. But on rainy days or wintry ones, the indoor airer is your best friend. Short on space? Why not invest in a wall-mounted version like our wooden wall mounted extending clothes dryer?



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