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Homewares to help you make small changes to your rooms

Homewares to help you make small changes to your rooms

In the face of relentless storms casting a shadow on our homes, the new year may seem to have kicked off on a somewhat sluggish and gloomy note. If you’re feeling it all a bit too much, then making small changes around the home can help create a little more vitality. It may not be huge renovations, but picking up that enamel butter dish you've always wanted or making your kitchen counters or shelves exactly how you envisioned can make a big change to the way we feel about our living spaces.

Keep reading to discover some amazing suggestions that can breathe new life into your rooms amid these darker days and get you excited for brighter days ahead.


Small changes can make a huge difference. An easy place to start in your kitchen is to dress your shelves and counters up with some long-lasting, quality pieces to achieve that retro yet minimalist look.

Stoneware garlic keep

Both functional and also discreetly gorgeous with its simple and rustic look.

image of a stoneware garlic pot holder on a table with kitchen utensils behind

Vintage stoneware marmalade pot

These genuine vintage stoneware marmalade pots are not only eye-catching, they’re unbelievably useful. I've used these pots in my home for things such as storing utensils, pens or toothbrushes. Due to their long life and history, each pot is unique and brings a little story to your kitchen.

two stoneware pots filled with kitchen utensils

Hand thrown berry bowl

Add some handmade elements to your kitchen. Each piece is handmade by artisan potters in the south of India. With a timeless look, you can keep your berries fresh in this milky white glazed pot. The contrast of berries and the pot itself will catch your eyes whenever you walk past.

white stoneware bowl filled with blueberries

Ceramic egg holder

A classic item for your kitchen, made from ceramic and available in two sizes, holding six or a dozen eggs, this useful piece also has timeless beauty to it and looks great whether you store your eggs on the counter or in the fridge.

six piece ceramic egg holder with four eggs

Salt and Pepper pots in marble and granite

A personal favourite, these beautiful salt and pepper pots are the perfect addition to your kitchen. The deep polished granite is designed to store pepper whilst the neutral marble houses keeps the sea salt crisp, plus the materials bring more depth and personality to the kitchen.

marble salt pot and a granite pepper pot with wooden spoons

Set of 2 herringbone tea towels

Fresh linens make worst of difference to refreshing the home or injecting a feeelness of newnes. These tea towels define classic and simple aesthetics. Made from 100% cotton twill tea towels, they hold a timeless beauty that should work to the colour scheme of most kitchens.

white and blue tea towels folded on top of one another with a dish brush on top


Living room

A room we’re all spending a lot of time in at the moment and trying to keep as cosy as possible while the wind and rain howls outside. There are a few small additions or changes you can make that will make your relaxation space feel fresher and rejuvenated.

Soft cosy pure wool throw

Is there anything as cosy as being wrapped up in a comfy throw, holding your favourite drink, getting lost in your favourite show or book? This soft and cosy 100% Australian wool throw with tassels, is just perfect for exactly that.

a grey and white wool throw over the arm of a sofa with soft orange lighting in the background

Clouds mug

One thing that always puts a smile on my face is opening the cupboard and seeing my collection of mugs to choose from. This matte glazed mug with a painted ginger coloured cloud design was handmade in India and has quickly found a place at the front of my cupboard.

Moss green cotton quilt bedspread

This beautiful vintage quilt is the perfect shade of moss green to bring a little of that lushness of spring into the home. Made from soft cotton – and it has been stonewashed for a slightly worn, vintage whitewashed look.

Table lamp with shade

One way to increase the cosy-vibe of your room is to add some warm lighting, and this timeless option of rustic-inspired decor is perfect for just that. Our Oak Table Lamp brings a natural aesthetic to indoor living spaces. In contrast with the natural white linen or thistle green lampshade, you’ll have a wonderful addition to your living room.
a wooden table lamp lighting up a desk


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