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Sustainable gifts for him, her or the little ones in your life

Sustainable gifts for him, her or the little ones in your life

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you’re looking for some little stocking fillers or are still searching for the perfect gift, we have plenty of homey, cosy and beautiful homewares that make the perfect gift for him or for her, as well as a small range which are ideal for little ones who love to help out in the home.

Gifts for him

Coffee enthusiast gift set

coffee gift set

We all have a coffee lover in our life, whether it’s their passion, an enjoyable pastime or whether they simply are never without their travel mug in their hands. This Kraft gift box contains everything they’d need, including a brass coloured coffee spoon and clip in a Kraft gift box, two white enamel espresso cups and a 250g bag of  freshly ground coffee by Lugliness  Coffee, Zoila Composeco from Guatemala in a Kraft paper bag. You can gift them everything they’ll need to enjoy their brew!

Vintage wooden shoe last

wooden shoe last

One thing that everyone loves to own and display is their favourite pair of shoes, whether it’s a gorgeous pair of chelsea boots or a modern sneaker, when walking into a home you tend to find pairs of shoes on show right by the door. Gift a wooden last, with each last has a story of its past and show signs of age and use by a shoemaker or cobbler. So it’s not just an accessory but it tells a story.

Daily desk pad

daily desk pad product image

One thing everyone wants and uses but rarely re-stocks until they’re necessary is a good desk pad, for either note taking or planning the day ahead, we’re all trying to be more organised. Designed to help get the most out of your day, the desk pad helps you list and prioritise your daily tasks and goals for maximum achievement.

Treat your hands gift set

take care of your hands gift set with hand wash, nail brush and towel

One thing which most men will overlook is taking care of their hands, whether using their hands in their jobs or just doing lots of little jobs around the home, it’s rare that men will take the time and care that they deserve. Help bridge that gap between what he does to what he deserves with out treat your hands gift set which includes, a classic brown glass bottle of baileys hand wash in Fig or Rosemary, 100% organic cotton hand towel in pale grey, nail brush crafted in beech with natural Tampico fibres, all wrapped in a reusable Kraft gift box with a magnetic closure 

Your turn to wash up Gift box

washing up bundle with multiple brushes, towel and soap bar

Whilst the name has that tongue in cheek satire, most homes we’re sure have a good division of labour. And why not make washing up an easier and more enjoyable experience with this gift box, the craft gift box  itself is gorgeous, with a magnetic lid containing inside a pair of herringbone tea towels, a washing up brush, a pot brush and a bottle of multi purpose 100% natural olive oil soap.

Gifts for her

Orange jar candle by Baileys 

orange scented candle lit with two wicks in a glass jar

Candles are always a treat to receive, bringing a little joy with a great scent and there’s nothing quite like watching a flame dance in a dark corner of the room. And a candle we love is our orange jar candle lovingly made by Baileys, the candle is in a lovely jar and filled with the most gorgeous orange scented candle. Having a burn time of around 60 hours, this candle is one that will last. 

Baileys soy candle

white soy candle in a glass jar lit by a match just above it

Keeping on the thoughts of candles, we also stock a fantastic cancel made from soya wax from sustainable sources and essential oils, so your gift is good for the planet and they smell so incredible. The candle comes in a stylish recycled card box making it pre-made as a lovely gift. With a burn time of around 36 hours. This candle won’t burn out just through one evening, and with a choice of either fig or jasmine scents, we’re certain she’ll love one of the scents.

Small etched glass match holder and striker

small glass bottle etched with stars filled with grey topped matches

Either a perfect gift to pair with one of our amazingly scented candles or as a stand alone present, is our match holder and striker. Small but perfectly formed, she’ll love our new small recycled glass pot complete with grey topped matched and etched with little stars. Measuring in with a 5cm diameter by 5cm high and complete with a striking pad on the bottom, this little pot makes a beautiful gift and can be reused once the matched have been used 

Fortifying Green Bath Potion by MOA

green bottle with a black top with white text on the front.

Everyone deserves some self care time, and the women in your life are certain to as well. Help encourage them to take time for themselves with this amazing bath foam which will help her to de-stress her mind and relieve aches and pains with this concentrated, revitalising. And to top it off, it’s a completely vegan product.

Salt and Pepper pots in marble and granite

marble and granite salt and pepper pots with wooden spoons

If she has an eye for natural beauty inside the home, these beautiful salt and pepper pots are the perfect addition to any dining table or being used next to the hob for a pinch of salt and pepper as you cook. Designed to be naturally understandable, the deep polished granite is designed to store pepper whilst the neutral marble houses crisp sea salt beautifully.

Gifts for the little ones

Mini Cooking utensil gift set

wooden baking set onto of flour

Sometimes company in the kitchen makes the time fly past, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than teaching your young ones a new skill and watching their hobbies flourish! This set is the perfect gift for your little apprentice cook. The selection of utensils are stored in a natural cotton drawstring bag which is perfect for both storage and packaging. Inside the bag is A rolling pin, spoon, whisk, spatula, tongs, tenderiser, eggbeater, potato masher and a sauce mixing spoon

Children's dustpan and brush

white metal dustpan and a wooden handled brush

Cleaning is a family task, there’s plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had cleaning a room as a family and don’t just give your smaller ones tools that will break, you can gift them this cute dustpan and brush set! An off white steel dustpan with natural bristle brush, it's small enough for playing house, and can also be used by grown ups for brushing up those inevitable breakfast crumbs they’ll leave behind.

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