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How to make your spring clean more eco-friendly

How to make your spring clean more eco-friendly

Now's the perfect time for a big spring clean, but that doesn't have to mean introducing a load of nasty chemicals into your home. Nature has some powerful tools to tackle those tough areas that have been ignored all winter. Almost everything in the Lisa Valentine collection are things I use in my own home with my family - so you know whatever I recommend is a tried, tested and loved product. Here are my top tips on how to make your spring clean kinder to the environment, and to you. 


1. Ditch the chemicals
There are so many brilliant eco-friendly products on the market these days and they are just as effective at killing germs and treating grubby areas as the chemical-packed versions. I use Join eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner which cleans wonderfully and smells divine. I also love this all-purpose cleaning soap. You can use it on your body, your house, as a stain remover on laundry. It's a true wonder. 


2. Invest in a good dustpan & brush
You don't need to bring out the vacuum cleaner every time there's dust or dirt on the floor. A sturdy dustpan and brush will do the job a whole lot quicker and cheaper when you think about the rise in energy bills! Natural bristles pick up dust & debris brilliantly. I've had this beechwood & steel dustpan and brush for years and not a day goes by that I don't use it.


3. Re-usable cloths are the way forward
Kitchen paper towels and wet wipes might be quick and easy to use, but they take a heavy toll on the planet. I love these natural, unbleached cleaning cloths. There's something a little old-school about them which I love, but they're super-practical too. The small ones are great for work surfaces, mirrors etc. And the large ones are great on floors or larger surface areas. And you can wash them again and again. You'll have them for years. 


4. Choose natural home fragrance
Regular air fresheners contain a lot of nasties so choose a natural-based alternative. Essential oils will make your home smell wonderful, but take care to buy pure, preferably organic essential oils and follow dilution instructions (and pet care guidance) carefully. I love soy wax scented candles for elevating the mood, especially Bailey's Soy Candles that come in three heavenly scents. 


5. Do what your grandmother did!
Those formidable ladies knew a thing or two about how to get a house spotless! White vinegar cuts through grease, unblocks shower heads and shines windows beautifully. Lemon juice and water in a bowl, heated on high for a couple of minutes, will transform a grubby microwave. A couple of lemon halves in a bowl will also combat unwanted fridge smells. And bicarbonate of soda mixed with water cleans stainless steel, water marks on shower screens and hobs. Combining it with vinegar also clears blocked drains. 



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