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My must-read interiors books

My must-read interiors books

My love of perfecting interiors has been lifelong. As a teenager, I was constantly redecorating my bedroom, from 80s red & white to terracotta hues to Laura Ashley lemons and blues. When I moved out of home, I took my paintbrushes and my ideas with me and I've renovated many properties since. My inspiration comes from lots of different places, but the ones I return to time and again are a handful of books that keep me on course. If you're looking for design inspiration and practical tips on how to simply create a beautiful home, here they are - my top four must-read interiors books. 

This Is Home: The Art Of Simple Living
I love this book by Natalie Walton whose relaxed style of mixing old and new is particularly inspiring. In her book, she has travelled the world and included the most beautiful pictures of fifteen gorgeous homes, all of which are very different but she helps pinpoint what makes them happy homes to live in. The photography is absolutely beautiful and there is lots of practical advice about how to create a home that is nurturing and beautiful.



I actually bought this book after hearing the author, Shira Gill, talk on Natalie Walton's podcast about how she has helped create simple and uncluttered homes for hundreds of other people. As someone who is always looking for help to simplify my own home, I was hooked. Shira’s book is not only filled with absolutely gorgeous and inspirational photographs, but it also gives you clear step by step advice on how to simplify every room in your home. Her processes
 can be applied by anyone, regardless of your space or lifestyle.


Scandi Rustic
This wonderful book was written by two Instagram legends, Reena and Rebecca, who meticulously researched the most inspiring Scandi style homes for this gorgeous book. Again, the book is filled with practical tips and great advice on how to create the hygge look and feel in your own home and bring that much-coveted Scandi aesthetic to life. 


Who wouldn’t want perfectly organised cupboards like the pictures in this book? It teaches you how to let go of your inner perfectionist and remember that rooms are for living. Whether you're a minimalist or someone who get a lot of joy from your collections of things, everyone wants an unencumbered life in a home that makes us happy. This book shows you how. 



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