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Serving simple salads

Serving simple salads

The nice weather can only mean one thing, it's salad season! You'll know by now that I like meals to be as simple and easy as possible. At this time of year in spring and summer, when it's warm and we can eat outdoors, simple salads are my favourite thing.

With a bag of salad leaves and some store cupboard and fridge ingredients, you can whip up a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner in no time. Add some cooked chicken, fresh tomatoes and some cucumber for the simplest of salads. Maybe add some new potatoes to a tin of tuna and some green beans - I use frozen so they're always at hand - and a boiled egg and you have a simple Nicoise salad.

We have everything you need to prepare and serve delicious salads for your family and your guests. Now all we need is the sunshine!

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