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The joy of multi-functional pieces in your home

The joy of multi-functional pieces in your home

If you're a regular visitor, you'll know that living with less stuff is a philosophy I live by and therefore it's an important part of Lisa Valentine Home. The pieces I source for the shop, and many things I use in my own home, are multi-functional and can be used in lots of different ways, depending on the space, day, season or event. 

Vases and plant pots - like our Ravello storage jar or our rustic ceramic pot - make great storage vessels for all sorts of things - wooden spoons, kitchen utensils, make-up brushes, even knitting needles! 


Ravello storage pot £27



Rustic ceramic pot with handles £26


Jugs like our beautifully simple enamel jug can be used for serving drinks or holding blooms. 


Classic enamel jug £13.50 in the Spring Sale, reduced from £15.


Our soap dishes work wherever there's a sink, be it the kitchen, bathroom or downstairs loo. Aside from the obvious purpose, they also make a great stand for nailbrushes or sponges with the dual-layer design allowing water to drain away so they're not constantly sitting in a puddle. 


Two-part enamel soap dish with black trim £13. Also available in white.


Our toothbrush holders make brilliant jars for storing utensils and a whole host of other items such as pens & pencils on a desk, washing up brushes next to the sink and they make a lovely little vase. 

.  .   

White enamel toothbrush holder £12. Also available with black trim.


With summer coming, why not make use of those indoor blankets & quilts outdoors? Our range of quilts from Danish brand, IB Laursen, are the perfect companion for picnics or in the garden when the evening arrives. 


Quilt with beige & pink roses £54. Also available in other designs.

Feeling a little inspired? Explore our collection of multi-functional pieces ready to work their magic in your home.


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